Egon Zehnder Offices
New York City

The commission to analyze and propose enhancements to the New York offices of Egon Zehnder required an attempt to understand the essential nature of the company. Since its inception in 1964, Egon Zehnder has witnessed global growth not only across industries, but also regions and countries. Perhaps the companyís most compelling strength has been the ability to take diverse data, see critical relationships and thus, unique opportunities for leaders. In our drawings, we chart the research that helped us understand Egon Zehnder and their re-visualizing of the geo-economic world. The drawings graphically express the history of Egonís offices from 1964 to 2009, their inception date, geographic location, the country GDP at the time of the local branchís opening and the subsequent growth of the GDP to the present day. The world map is reproportioned according to an even distribution of EZI offices around the globe, and thus may be an indicator of the reproportioning of global financial and human resources. Most importantly, the drawings ask the viewer to see across divergent types of data, witness relationships that may not have been previously apparent and finally, get a sense of the striving for insight that marks Egon Zehnder.

In addition to new interiors and funrishings for the CEO meeting room and key public spaces, DYA developed a plan to strategically paint the core walls of the office which cost effectively provided subtle wayfinding, reduced gray box monotony and recharged the open office floor.