Holiday Light Fixture
dyD Studios, New York City

The Holiday Light Fixture began as research not into illumination, but an architectural space. Using typologies of trailer, primitive hut, and shipping container, we sought to explore fundamental and familiar experiences, in particular, passage and texture. In application, the study of passage lead to a closer look at aperture and revealing. The study of texture lead most dynamically to juxtaposition of opposites. Matte versus gloss, natural versus artificial, light versus saturated, rough versus smooth, planar versus obique, regulated versus free-form. We used light to identify, clarify and refine these juxtapositions. Ultimately, light became essential to revealing and enhancing the spatial and textural construct.

A point source, a 15 watt A-lamp, is located at the center core of the object. In one aspect, the construct becomes a mechanism, or simple instrument, for realizing an array of illumination potentials of a point source. Copper mesh diffuses light. Patterned metallic blue film reflects and refracts. The small top aperture focuses light. Vertical slices define shapes and edges with light. The sliding panels demonstrate the mechanical adjustment of light. Still, as an architectural construct, the fixture remains a study of space and passage.